2005/11/08– A Sad Day in Kalamazoo

It’s a sad day in Kalamazoo radio. My all-time favorite Rocker has left WRKR. Scotty “Bud” Melvin left WRKR after 17 years when Cumulus Broadcasting did not renew his contract. Even though I have never met the man (have emailed him and called the station a few times), it feels like I’m losing a friend… he is a true class act… I have listened to this station every day since I moved here when I was 12 (in 1993, I missed the early years of RKR), except when Mom banned me from the radio when I was 15, and when I was in Ypsi going to school. As a loyal listener, I can only think of the things Scotty Bud will be able to do now that he has more free time. <AHEM> Fixing up his Klinger Lake property… doing magic shows… campaigning for all veterans to get Veteran’s day off… being a volunteer police officer in Portage… him vote NO… mispronouncing hockey names… making ice at a price that’s nice… losing money in online poker games… winning monkeys off guys… working on that fishing show for ESPN or OLN… going after the guy in St. Louis with the hat… planning his chance to race in the Iditarod… hanging out with Ray, the Menards guy… and generally being missed by his many fans.

(that’s a little longer than what I would normally type, but it’s my site and I really needed to vent about that)